Monday, April 16, 2007

we have a new bloggie now

Here is our new bloggie.
Come and visit us.

Love <3, Caesar and Princess

Sunday, April 15, 2007

my fuzzysweet babies are 16 today

Happy 16th Birthday
Caesar and Prinnie

Caesar and Princess were born on this day in 1991
We brought them to our home in early June.
They were 8 weeks old.
Blizzie was 4 and Christina was 7,
and I was extremely young and fashionable; hubby had lots of brown hair...
the world was brighter and more in focus back then.
The days did not go by so faaaast
Life was realllly good!

Blizzie named Princess.
I named Caesar.
These two were really cute and very naughty as kittens.
They had very long legs and they were very very wild, always running and climbing.
Their behavior has always reminded me of monkeys

I had to keep them in a room at night because they were always getting into things.
Once Prinnie went behind the washer in the laundry room and came out all black.
Caesar used to jump up into very high places and then cry
because he couldnt figure out how to get back down.
Once he jumped up onto the water heater
and then onto the ceiling joists in the basement.
Then he howled and howled and sobbed
until I got a laundry basket for him to climb into.

He was trembling...

Caesar and Princess never go outside.
Once when we lived in Maryland, I was painting a treehouse I built for my daughters,
and Prinnie managed to open the screen door and both cats were wandering around the yard.
I had a huge can of green paint in my hands and a big paintbrush.
I freaked... and then I got them calmly back into the house

Once, I was standing at my front door blabbing with my neighbor (also in Maryland)
and Prinnie eyed the neighbor's cat,
that always ran loose and killed butterfies and praying mantis.
Prinnie ran out the door and chased after that cat.
They ran under the neighbor's huge ground level deck....
I had to crawl under that spiderwebby buggy deck to get Prinnie.
It wasnt until I got home that I realized I was covered in webby buggy ick,
leaves and sticks too....
Anyway... yeah, lots of memories with these two.

Pleeease... Help me. My mom is starving me!
Caesar is a mommy's boy.
He needs lots of reassurance and reminders about behaviour.

I like to keep myself in good shape... just because.
Prinnie is in love with Blizzie.
but now with the Blizz in kollig
she has allowed hubby and me to pet her and love her.
well, sometimes

I hang out with the wild animals. This is my buddy Samson.

I am in charge of him... See, he loves me.

I'm mommie's helper.

My brother is a huuuge idiot...

Yeah, wellll... I do have some minor issues...
l-l-let's not talk about this.

This is my wonderful home.
I have maids... and servants.
I am The Prrrrrinncesssss,
The extremely beeeyoootiful and rare white Bengal tigressss

In the morning room, of my favorite of many, locations for relaxation and rejuvenation
...and to get away from my silly brother
who is so dependant on me for his grooming needs.
Then I get double hair balls...
Wel-l-l, I chew all of his whiskers off so he looks like a goof
Check out the "moms helper" pic.... no whiskers

Two kitties laying around in the sun.
What a life....

Happy Birthday to my sweet fuzzy babies!
the fun continues...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Birthday Frootbats Fridaaaaayyyyyyyy

Yay and yippppppeeeeeee
It is our 16th Birthday partyweek-end
our actual real birthday is on Sunday the 15th
and the party starts right now at our >new blogggggie<
Everycat and peeple are invited
We are still getting the place set up, but come by and visit!
Mom gave us our very own bloggie for our birthday!

You are only young once,
but you can be immature for a lifetime.
hey, that is great news!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wordless Wednesday :-)

>click to biggify<

"To achieve the impossible,
it is precisely the unthinkable
that must be thought."

-- Tom Robbins


psssss: look at prinnie's eyes and eers). Does she need an attitude adjussstment?

Monday, April 9, 2007

MOPEY Monday. . .

Prinnic: Well, it was a fun week-end with Blizzie home... but she went back to kollig and mommie and Caesar and I are just hanging around the house feeling sort of bummy.

Caesar: Yeah, we are bummed....
Oh! here is a tiny picture of Blizzie playing the piano at "her ferst gig". She gave daddie her ferst check so he can skan it and frame the copy... for memories. "Blizzie's Ferst Gig" (sorry you cannot biggify it. we snagged it from her facebook profile picture. Isn't she kyoot?
<..... Blizzie is playing JAZZ. She plays nice jazz. This was taken at her very very ferst "gig" at the art show thing on Saturday the 1st of April. She plays myoozik like Liz Story and George Winston type stuff, Duke Ellington, Rogers and Hammerstien... also that guy, what's his name... Jim Brickman!!!

Prinnie: at least the sun is out. So, we are going to get recharged
Hopefully we can get mommie to help us do a good bloggie update soon.

yeppers, at least the sun is out. you know, I have noticed some of us have size issues.
I have been on a diet for a month and I am not this chubby anymore... honest and reely.

Prinnie: I have a high metabolism so I do not have weight issues...
Later kits
Love, Prinnie

Life's greatest treasures
are life's simplest

Friday, April 6, 2007

Frootbat Friday


I think I am still pretty froot batty even though I am going to be 16 in one week.
I like this picture of me <3

Caesar and I hope you have a wondrifical week-end, full of frolicsome enjoyment
Enjoy all of the fun and festivities, bat those eggies around, inspect those easter baskets!!
My Blizzie girl is home from kollig and I am so very happy about that ... I think Caesar mommie and daddie are happy too (the big girl can not come home for Easter because she is at a different kollig and she is bizzy)

Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Your ears shall hear a word behind you,
saying "This is the way; walk in it."
Isaiah 30:21

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The meme going around

Princess: What does meme mean anyway?
See how hip we are?.... not. hey we are from the 90's kitties (prehistoric almost)

Well, we were tagged by Willow for the latest thingie going around and we are going to try to give it a go here: Boy, this was a toughie!
How Do you Achieve Balance in Your Life?
Princess: Here are the major things that require balancing:
upstairs and downstairs,
napping together, napping separately,
getting into things, leaving things be,
eating, snacking, nibbling.
drinking from the sink, the shower room, the various bowls,
playing with our old boring toys, or stealing socks, chewing on plants or plastic
on top or burrowing
when and where to groom
groom yourself, or help eachother
and finally making full use of the two litter boxes.

Caesar and I achieve these things on a daily basis by communicating and keeping checklists to ensure that all major requirements are covered daily (I am a lists kind of kittygirl).
I also have a very good sense of time, so I know when things need to be accomplished.
Caesar is a great teamplayer. we work together to accomplish these simple life enhancing priorities.

What is your biggest challenge in balancing your life?:
Caesar: well, basikly, our biggest challenge is mommie and daddie. They are pretty erratic and completely unpredictable!!! Princess: agreed

What are your Priorities?:
Caesar: My priorities all depend on mood, same with Prinnie. If we are in the mood for something we go for it without a second thought. You never know what happens in the future so you have to go with the present, or next thing you know, while you are simply tossing the idea of a snack in your head, suddenly you hear doors slam and then just like that, the peepul are no where to be found!
Princess: One thing we learned from gramma and grampa... if you have the desire and the energy, then do the thing you want to do. You might wake up dead tomorrow. For instance, gramma and grampa eat cookies as if they might die tomorrow (like 20 bajillionsquillion a day, in all styles, shapes and flavors)! >click on this one to biggify the cookie nibblers in action!!<

How have your priorities changed over the time and why?:
Princess: Wow, this is a great question. Of course things have changed! A lot has changed here in the past 15 and a half years. We are older and a lot wiser. Caesar and I work pretty closely together on this. We have our set plan every day and try to make the rounds every hour or so. Our priorities are fresh water, a variety of snacks, clean, cozy environment, and for me, selective petting, Caesar is a lot more liberal with the touching. I am not too interested in lap time... mommie is too fidgety, daddie is very warm, I prefer his lap. Caesar loves mommie, but he is much more easy going, he is also a glutton for praise. I miss Blizzie. She really was my girl and I used to spend all of my time with her... so it has been a huge adjustment for me since she went to kollig. I would say this has been a year of changes and I particularly feel as though I am still adjusting and I am not sure what my priorities are. When we were younger, we were like wild monkeys and if we could dream it we did it... (once, I climbed up the insulation in the basement, and got behind it, that was great fun until mommie cut me out. Caesar was the jumper, nothing was impossible, using the stairs was for sissies. He used to get in the pantry and chew boxes of food open and eat it, didn't matter what it was). But now life is different, really different. We are not so busy investigating and inspecting everything every day.
Caesar: mommie did not go to kollig and I am happy about that, because if she did, I would be peeing everywhere!

What advice can you share to help all of us balance our own lives?:
Caesar and Princess: State your desires. Purr often. Appreciate the little things. Be patient and tolerant. Always give unconditional love to the beans.

We hope this was fun to read and somewhat helpful!

I blindfolded myself and picked these 5 names out of an olde easter bonnet of Blizzies:
  1. Chase the tiggercat
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Rocky the gutter cat
  4. Kat 3
  5. Chairman MaoMao
Have fun!!

==>>>Now Caesar will go around and inform these lucky chosen on their bloggies!

Don't forget to have a look at our bloggie below.... especially our baby picture!

Happy happy Wednesday

Yesterday was a sunny day. Me and Prin had a lot of fun with mom, she gave us a teeny bit of terkee when she made her sandwich and we also got Temptations too. We did a lot of napping in the sun. I helped mom make the beds. Daddie shut himself in the offis room for about three hours and talked to the silver boks. He said is was a konferincecall. (he werks at home) The boks was talking to him too. so, we had to not be loud. Mom made us be good and quiet and we were. It was exsausting being good for so long.

tonight we have video-chat with the grandma and the grandpa... a very sad thing, Grandpa's friend, Calvin, the guy that had the radiation poisoning? He died on Saterday. My grandpa was reely sad and he emailed my mommie and told her how sad he was. We felt bad for grampa.
He has to go to a fyoonerul today where they say goodbye forever to the tennis buddy, Calvin.
I am going to be extra good this evening with the video-chat. Maybe I will sit up really big to make him happy because he will see me on the screeen.

yesterday I was helping mommie dig around in some bokses of old pictures in her room... the olde fashoned kind of pictures and she found 2 cool ones to put on the blog today.

Here is one of Blizzie the piano player when she was 6 yeers old (long time ago)
You know what? she had her very ferst "gig thing" ever in her life this past Saterday. They gave her green papers after she played the piano 4 hours. I remember Blizzie sinse she was 3 and now she is big and at kollig. She was bad when she was three... she threw some wild tantrums back in the day... hoo wee
I need to find an olde picture of my bigger sister Chrystabelle now.

Then, mom found this picture of me and Prinnie.
This picture was taken when we were 10 weeks old! so maybe around the middul of May 1992.
The breeder took it... and we were laying on a indian kind of rug... so that red you see is not blood.. it is rug yarn... Prinnie and I were ten weeks olde here. aren't we kyoot kit-tens?

I better skoot. Prinnie is mad that I beat her to the blogging again today. Oh boy she's miffed.
<- look at me. I am being really nice to Prinnie in this picture. I am loving her.
Headbutts ~ Caesar
To have a right
to do a thing
is not at all the same
as to be

right in doing it.

G. K. Chesterton

Monday, April 2, 2007

ManCat Monday

Caesar: Guess what? GUESS WHAT? GUESS WHAT!!!???
I heard mommie telling a seekrit to the kollig girl, Blizzie. I just heard it!!!
***Mom is giving us our OWN bloggie for our birthday!!***
I know I heard it I know it!

Mom is home all the time this week, because the rinks are too crowded to skate this week with the neighborhood kiddies off from skul. Today she went out for a littul while but I mostly helped her do stuff today around the house... I helped her vacuum (I am not afraid of the vacuumcleener), and do the laundry and clean up stuff and I snoopervised her when she cleaned the showerroom where they stand and get rained on. Helping is exhausting!

Here is a manly-Cat picture of me (well, actually just half of me), looking like a big tiger.
See my fangs?

I better frolic off now.
The sun is going down here on the easst coast and I better soak up the last bits!

You can do anything,
anything you want!
There is only one thing
you must do...

pay the price.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

we have been tagggggged

Caesar and I have been tagged by several of you kitties... Dragonheart tagged Caesar and Jeter gently tagged me and so did Luxie. You boys are so sweet to think of us and choose us to share our wealth of fuzzy knowledge and curly cornish rex wisdom. So, here we go!!
"Five Reasons WHY I (we) blog:"

1. Princess: I am very new to this blogging thing. One chilly, but not too chilly, day late last year, around Thanksgiving, mommie and I were looking at and we saw some cute kitties dressed up in clothing! so we clicked on that link and suddenly arrived to a site called Catster! Mom and I looked at many many pages and then we found some kitty blogs!
I asked mom if I could blog... but she said that first she would blog and visit the kitty blogs, see if things were legal and legitimate you know? then I insisted that I wanted to have some written interaction with other kitti--- Caesar: I think blogging is kind of fun.

2. Princess: I love learning about the lives and activities and goings on in other kitty homes on Planet Earth. One day I would like to read more ab--- Caesar: I like reading the funny stories.

3. Princess: I love telling other kitties about our happy home and sharing pictures of our somewhat slower paced adventures and day to day ac-- Caesar: yeah, I can do that too. I like that. can I go first now?

4. Caesar: I like to blog because I lern about important things I didn't know. I did not know there were such floofy kitties out there, for instance. Princess: I love learning new things and meeting kitties and their people.

5. Caesar: We are old kitties. We will be 16 yeers old on april 15 (I think we are older than gramma and grampa now, how about that?) and we want to have a huge party at my house and everyone in the bloggiesphere is invited! Oh, I also did not know that kitties wore sherts. I didn;t no that.
Princess: I am really happy to read about kitties that are so young, maybe only one or three or six years old. I can remember way back in the days of the dinosaurs, when I was frisky and very wild and risky. So, reading about your adventures brings back so many happy memories. Now when I take my naps I dream about those old adventures, so reading your blogs brings those memories back to life, like they were only yesterday. We won't "tag" anycat, but if you have not been tagged, consider yourself tagged if you are here reading this!
Today is Saturday and we hope you have a happy and restful Saturday

Caesar: Look: mom made these cool eggs yesterday and took my picture with my favorite toy and me. neat-o huh? *klick to biggify*

~ Caesar and Prinnie
and the qwote . . . .
Some people drink
from the fountain of knowledge,
others just gargle
~Dr. Robert Anthony
really. it's actually true
that is what they do! ... just gargle