Sunday, April 15, 2007

my fuzzysweet babies are 16 today

Happy 16th Birthday
Caesar and Prinnie

Caesar and Princess were born on this day in 1991
We brought them to our home in early June.
They were 8 weeks old.
Blizzie was 4 and Christina was 7,
and I was extremely young and fashionable; hubby had lots of brown hair...
the world was brighter and more in focus back then.
The days did not go by so faaaast
Life was realllly good!

Blizzie named Princess.
I named Caesar.
These two were really cute and very naughty as kittens.
They had very long legs and they were very very wild, always running and climbing.
Their behavior has always reminded me of monkeys

I had to keep them in a room at night because they were always getting into things.
Once Prinnie went behind the washer in the laundry room and came out all black.
Caesar used to jump up into very high places and then cry
because he couldnt figure out how to get back down.
Once he jumped up onto the water heater
and then onto the ceiling joists in the basement.
Then he howled and howled and sobbed
until I got a laundry basket for him to climb into.

He was trembling...

Caesar and Princess never go outside.
Once when we lived in Maryland, I was painting a treehouse I built for my daughters,
and Prinnie managed to open the screen door and both cats were wandering around the yard.
I had a huge can of green paint in my hands and a big paintbrush.
I freaked... and then I got them calmly back into the house

Once, I was standing at my front door blabbing with my neighbor (also in Maryland)
and Prinnie eyed the neighbor's cat,
that always ran loose and killed butterfies and praying mantis.
Prinnie ran out the door and chased after that cat.
They ran under the neighbor's huge ground level deck....
I had to crawl under that spiderwebby buggy deck to get Prinnie.
It wasnt until I got home that I realized I was covered in webby buggy ick,
leaves and sticks too....
Anyway... yeah, lots of memories with these two.

Pleeease... Help me. My mom is starving me!
Caesar is a mommy's boy.
He needs lots of reassurance and reminders about behaviour.

I like to keep myself in good shape... just because.
Prinnie is in love with Blizzie.
but now with the Blizz in kollig
she has allowed hubby and me to pet her and love her.
well, sometimes

I hang out with the wild animals. This is my buddy Samson.

I am in charge of him... See, he loves me.

I'm mommie's helper.

My brother is a huuuge idiot...

Yeah, wellll... I do have some minor issues...
l-l-let's not talk about this.

This is my wonderful home.
I have maids... and servants.
I am The Prrrrrinncesssss,
The extremely beeeyoootiful and rare white Bengal tigressss

In the morning room, of my favorite of many, locations for relaxation and rejuvenation
...and to get away from my silly brother
who is so dependant on me for his grooming needs.
Then I get double hair balls...
Wel-l-l, I chew all of his whiskers off so he looks like a goof
Check out the "moms helper" pic.... no whiskers

Two kitties laying around in the sun.
What a life....

Happy Birthday to my sweet fuzzy babies!
the fun continues...


Bogdan, the editor said...

Happy birthday, Caeser and Prinnie!! Your Mom posted lots of great photos of you two... and the stories are great. We enjoyed them very much.
Bogdan, Kat 3, Sara

dino, egypt, & the kits said...

Happy Birthday Caesar and Princess! May both of you have many, many more to come.

caspersmom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAESAR AND PRINNIE. Looks like you are having a great time at your Birthday party all decked out in hats and jewelry. We sure enjoyed your pictures and stories. Also you look so good laying in that sunshine getting your vitamin D. Mom sure does agree with your Mom about time flying by so durn fast. She can hardly believe I will be thirteen in August. Have a good rest of the birthday day. Take a well deserving Nap.


William said...

Happy birthday, Prinnie and Caesar! Great photos and stories, too!

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Happy Birthday, Prinnie and Caesar! We wish you many many more.

Lux said...

Love all those pictures of you beautiful two! I *know you had the best birthday!