Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How about Tent Tuesday? :-P

Well, happy Tuesday anyway... nice try huh?

This is Princess. She is a very sweet kitty.
I bought this little "pet tent" at Target for $1.
I found it in that one$ section in the front of the store. Prinnie is not the boss kitty (or maybe she is). Caesar thinks he is.
If Prin is somewhere that Caesar decides he wants to be, he will will give her a gentle swat or maybe threaten her with a mild chomp... sometimes he is rough, but not usually. Princess leaves immediately to avoid a fight, but sometimes... not quickly enough. Caesar can be pushy and then I hear her scream and hiss and run off.
I always scold Caesar for being so rough.
Caesar loves his mom, so he always feels guilty when I scold him... haha
I think Prinnie is smarter than Caesar.

Prinnie is mostly attached to Blizzie, who is at college now. Hubby and I try to give her lots of attention and encouragement. She loves salad dressing. After dinner I always let her lick my salad bowl.

I have looked around this Blogger planet... and there are a few things I do not know.
∞ I do not know how to make a "blog roll".
∞ I do not know if I am old blogger or new blogger
This morning, I discovered that somehow my computer had signed me out while I was sleeping! How tricky is that? So I had to figure out how to sign back in.
∞ Do I sign in with my email address and then enter my "password"? I am not sure how I finally got onto my blog again but I was in a little bit of a panic over that this morning. I believe that is what I finally did this morning...
∞ The "word verification" thing. Why are the letters so curvy, stuck together and/or distorted? sometimes I cannot tell if one letter is a j or an i or an l or a q or a g or a u or a v.... why do some blogs have this word verification and some not? Is it a test for stupidity? because I have trouble with it. sometimes it takes me more than one try. uh-oh. I must be ....schtoopid
∞ is it my imagination... or are the Blogger servers reeeeeeeealllly slowwwww

It is just me and the kitties here for one more day and night. Tomorrow I am leaving at 9:30 to get Blizzie from college in PA. She is home for four days. My other daughter, Christina, is finishing up her very last semester at The College of William and Mary. Presently, she is slaving.
I hope everyone is having the very best day.
here it is drab and dreeeeeeary. Goodnesss. I hope it does not start snowing until tomorrow evening. I do not feel like road tripping in the snow.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Week-end Uppie-date

Okay. I finally figured out how to put pictures up.
It seems that the only thing I was not doing was "accepting the terms of the agreement"
Sheeesh I am so dumb sometimes :-P I did not realize I had to put a little check in the box....
I like the way these pictures are all framey, that is cute!

Anyway. Today was a nice day.
I am helping hubby pack up his stuff for his travel trip to Cali-for-nya.

We went for a 3 mile walk this afternoon. It was 50ยบ today, that is pretty nice for Northern Virginia.

I also watched the Figure skating Nationals, ladies short program on ABC.
I can do that foot work. I am not into jumping or spinning. jumping is so yesterday, and spinning makes me barf. So, I can do a lot of that foot work, but I do it much slower because... I am not 18 years old, haha.

Okay... the photos above are my olde kitties. I love them. Caesar and Prinnie (Princess) are almost 16 years old. They are litter mates. They are the chubbiest Cornish Rex kitties you have ever seen I bet. Well, they used to be slim and trim... but *sigh* they are moving kind of slow these days.
We got them when they were 10 weeks old. I have some pictures upstairs in a box of when they were kit-tens. They were soooo cute. I will scan them some time... They used to get into everything. They used to be quite terribly wild, but now, they sleep most of the day, and follow me around the house.
Caesar is the rotund two-tone one, and Prin is the all white not too tubby one.

Caesar still jumps to the top of the fridge... Prinnie does not jump up on much of anything any more... Prinnie once went behind the washer when she was a kitten and made herself all black, eeew. It was funny, but she needed a bath, STAT. Caesar... used to be like a monkey. He used to jump down from the upstairs to the downstairs, about 12 feet. They still run around the house... but not very often. They are very vocal. Caesar has quite a vocabulary!

This is all I have to say today.
I have to do some more helping with packing. Hubby is not a very good packer... he forgets important things.

I hope you are having the very best day ever!

<3 Rosemary

Friday, January 26, 2007

It has been a while.

Over a week in fact.
I am just sort of going through an end of January schlump. I do not have seasonal affective disorder, but it has been dark and windy.... and besides, nothing fun is going on... It is cold here. 20 degrees today, and windy. Hey, what happened to global warming... I was kind of liking that :-)

I have been skating one day a week... mostly because it has been so cold... brrrrr, even Fairfax rink is very very cold. I skate at a rink in Maryland, that has heaters over head, very nice. I have not been there this week.... but I am planning to go next Monday.

I have been doing a lot of little frippy things here... little, simple cleaning projects mostly, because I do not feel like doing any BIG cleaning projects... such as . . . the basement.

I am working on a collage of Prinnie. Neither of my kitties enjoy having their photograph taken. I guess I should have started earlier... but you know, we only had those olde fashioned cameras back then and you had to be very picky about pictures. So, I need to also dig around in the boxes up stairs and scan some of those old kitten photos.

I must end here.
I will try to put something here more often. I do not know how to put photos up here anymore... how puzzling. I have some on my other bloggie, you can look over there, if you like.

Now, I must go and practice some piano while I have the time.
~be well

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tooz~dee - already

I will try to think of something to write/type here tomorrow.

One daughter called from Maine. She is on a college field trip... at Sunday River Resort learning to ski. haha
Second daughter gave her very first three minute speech at her college, and had a chance to practice (piano) with the saxophone guy for her performance engagements in March. I am glad she dropped that drippy one credit course.
Presently, I am pooped.
whadda day... :-P

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Well, I live on the east coast... and we are having a very warm winter.
It is usually in the 20's or 30's this time of year... and we have snow.
Today is it 60 degrees outside, cloudy and drab and dreary.
We have not had more than 25 snowflakes here... and that was last November!

Today: Hubby took Christina (Chystabelle) back to college. He just called and he is on his way home.
It is a three hour drive each way. I do not enjoy sitting in the car anymore for three hours... so I get to stay home and do the cleaning thing. Christina is a senior there at W&M and I have driven that trip many many times over the past three and a half years.

Elizabeth (Blizzie) is the little one. She is a freshie at Messiah. She is there right now, stretching herself and growing every day. She is brave... *sigh* I am tooooo

Presently I am listening to The Count Basie on my MacBook Pro (iTunes)...I have it hooked up to my cheapo $25. speakers. It sounds okay.
I am cleaning the house... I am a cleaning machine today. haha. I have already done a zillion loads of laundry and vacuumed and sanitized the kitty room upstairs. It is sparklie now. I know the olde kittycats will be happy to have all of there fuzzy blankies back and smelling like flowers.

I started a blog on xanga about 3 and a half years ago when "Chrystabelle" went off to college at William and Mary. I never knew anything about blogging then, but I just started a silly blog and figured it would be a fun thing to do with my daughter. She is very computer savvy... I am not.
I know all things medical and I am a figure skater (and I know all things fluffy too).
I do not know much about "Blogger". I have not learned how to do everything and I am sorry for that.

I better end here. I have been avoiding the bathrooms all morning and I think it is time to attack the toilets... bleh. I have done everything else. The entire house smells like Mr. Clean.

->I have been reading several of the bloggies here on Blogger and I am very impressed. I just thought I would share that.
All of you are just so wonderful. There are so many negative things going on in our lives and in the world and I believe that we must always look for the beauty and the goodness in life.
There is a lot of good in this world. We must constantly try to spread the love for mankind, and kittykind, of course!
Be well <3
Love, Rosemary

Thursday, January 11, 2007

later Thursday

Here is a silly thing I made about my kitty boy, Caesar.
He is 15 years old.
He has a sweet sister, Princess.
I will try to make a silly thing for her too... sometime soon

Caesar eating snacks ~~Laying in the sun~~ lounging with the White Bengal tiger

~ Save The Whales ~

Eating the pla.. hey, get your nose out of there!~~ pumpkin pie lover ~~ "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful"

After I returned from the dental visit, which went o-kay, I was exhausted and I had a mild headache, bleh.
I have to go back for some sealants or something, on about 9 teeth :-(
Anyway, I took Chrystabelle to the ski shop to get some goggles for glasses people. She is a glasses girl... then we came home and I just had to go for a walk.
I put my wind pants over my jeans and hubby came with me. We just walked about three miles.

Last week Thursday, I sprained my left hamstrings, so I have not been skating.
I have finally been able to walk comfortably these past three days.
I used to skate four days or five days a week... now I only skate two days a week. I decided last September it was time to do some other things besides skateskateskate. So now I am skating less, and I think that is one reason that I had this sprain. Oh well.

I will end here for now.
Hello everyone.
I am leaving for the dentist in 45 minutes.

When I return, I am taking "Chrystabelle" shopping, and then I am going to do some other stuff.
I like cookies, but I better not eat one now... you know, the dentist in 45 mins.
maybe I'll just have a grape.

bye for now