Saturday, March 31, 2007

we have been tagggggged

Caesar and I have been tagged by several of you kitties... Dragonheart tagged Caesar and Jeter gently tagged me and so did Luxie. You boys are so sweet to think of us and choose us to share our wealth of fuzzy knowledge and curly cornish rex wisdom. So, here we go!!
"Five Reasons WHY I (we) blog:"

1. Princess: I am very new to this blogging thing. One chilly, but not too chilly, day late last year, around Thanksgiving, mommie and I were looking at and we saw some cute kitties dressed up in clothing! so we clicked on that link and suddenly arrived to a site called Catster! Mom and I looked at many many pages and then we found some kitty blogs!
I asked mom if I could blog... but she said that first she would blog and visit the kitty blogs, see if things were legal and legitimate you know? then I insisted that I wanted to have some written interaction with other kitti--- Caesar: I think blogging is kind of fun.

2. Princess: I love learning about the lives and activities and goings on in other kitty homes on Planet Earth. One day I would like to read more ab--- Caesar: I like reading the funny stories.

3. Princess: I love telling other kitties about our happy home and sharing pictures of our somewhat slower paced adventures and day to day ac-- Caesar: yeah, I can do that too. I like that. can I go first now?

4. Caesar: I like to blog because I lern about important things I didn't know. I did not know there were such floofy kitties out there, for instance. Princess: I love learning new things and meeting kitties and their people.

5. Caesar: We are old kitties. We will be 16 yeers old on april 15 (I think we are older than gramma and grampa now, how about that?) and we want to have a huge party at my house and everyone in the bloggiesphere is invited! Oh, I also did not know that kitties wore sherts. I didn;t no that.
Princess: I am really happy to read about kitties that are so young, maybe only one or three or six years old. I can remember way back in the days of the dinosaurs, when I was frisky and very wild and risky. So, reading about your adventures brings back so many happy memories. Now when I take my naps I dream about those old adventures, so reading your blogs brings those memories back to life, like they were only yesterday. We won't "tag" anycat, but if you have not been tagged, consider yourself tagged if you are here reading this!
Today is Saturday and we hope you have a happy and restful Saturday

Caesar: Look: mom made these cool eggs yesterday and took my picture with my favorite toy and me. neat-o huh? *klick to biggify*

~ Caesar and Prinnie
and the qwote . . . .
Some people drink
from the fountain of knowledge,
others just gargle
~Dr. Robert Anthony
really. it's actually true
that is what they do! ... just gargle

Friday, March 30, 2007



Good morning!
Today it is my turn to do the blogggie and mom is home to help me.
So... I am putting this picture up of a frootbat... this is my brother.

His ears do not look so frooty here ... but trust me, he is a frootbat!
Lookie here: Actually this one would be perfect for WIDEBODY Wednesday as well!
Caesar has been on a diet.... so he is not this wide anymore... this is Blizzie's new ruggie that she took to kollig so this was taken last August (*sigh*, I miss my Blizzie)

Today I get to help mommie all day, and she said we are going to bake some oatie-meal cookies. YUM I get to lick the cookie crums from the trays!!

I hope you have a groovy Friday!
Oh boy!! we have been "tagged" by Jeter and Luxie and Dragonheart! so we are going to go and complete that with mom whilst the cookies are in the uvin or when she is resting from being a "blur of activity" today!
She has to practice the piano too times today because she did not practice yesterday
(oh the suffering we will endure, those scales are so... monotonous)

Purrrrrrrrrs ~ Princesssss

just so you know, (incase you didn't) one of the minor conditions to mom allowing us to take over her blog here (most of the time lately) is that we must post a witty qwote! because.... the woman is a qwote freek.

can do any amount of work
provided it isn't the work
he is supposed to be doing
at the moment.

-Robert Benchley

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thoughtful Thursday

Today I was a good boy. so far.
Mom even went out with her bag of skates and I was really nice about it.
She told me that she loved me... before she left and I always let her give me a kiss on my "sweet little head". So then, while she was gone. I was really good. Prinnie and I did some napping. We are littermates, so we are used to hanging out together. Actually, okay, I love hanging around Prinnie because she loves me, but sometimes she thinks I am a pest.
Here we are in our kitty bed in our paradise room with the heeter and the big bowl of water and all of our softest blankies. Prinnie shares her bloo blankie with me. Last evening was video-chat night. We had a hard time connecting because our rowter kept crashing with mom's new laptop. Mommie was very unhappy and going crazy! Finally daddie figured out what the problem was and then we had video-chat with gramma and grampa (mommie's mom and dad). can you see me in the small box on the left? you can biggify it if you want. I am smiling and being a good boy....
My poor grampa's best tennis buddy Calvin is really sick. He had a thing removed from his lung... and then the doctor wanted to give Calvin some radiation and Calvin got really sick from the radiation something called "radiation poisoning!!! grampa said his friend is really sick and he might die soon (whimpers)!!! my poor grampa is very sad. He said his friend was always happy and upbeat and now he is going to die because of the radiation poisoning! I feel bad for my grampa and his friend. I am going to purrrr really strong and loud for grampa and his friend.

I got to show off for gramma and eat some Temptations out of mommies hand, right in front of the camra! Gramma was very happy. I could hear her saying I was really great :-)

When mommie got home today, she fed us our yummy stinky meatglop and then she started talking about her skating today (with daddie, he works at home a lot). She said she had a very tiring day skating because the tree pollen is making her feel woozy and weak. She said her head felt like it was going to explode!!!

This is all I have to report.
I hope you are having a good day too.
Headbutts, Caesar
(did you see me in the picture up there???)

Real strength
is not just a condition of one's muscle,
but a tenderness in one's spirit.

~McCallister Dodds

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday :-)

>click to biggify<

The distance you have gone
is less important
than the direction you are going.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday already?

Hi kitty friends!
Mondays and Tuesdays mom is so busy getting ready to run off to ice rinks, she will not sit and help me blog! Yesterday morning she was not paying attention to me so I peed on the carpet! I love doing that.. but I always wait a few months and act like I have gotten over it... and then surprise! It is a very effective tool, even if mom gives me dirty looks for a while, I just look back at her and blink a lot. So, maybe in May...

Since mom got the Fancy Feest, I have been eating better! and my poops aren't like concrete. so maybe the food change was good for me ....heh . . .

Prinnie and I have been snuggling together. She makes a great pillow!

She tried to get some "alone time" in the tent, but I showed her that we can both fit in and be snuggly.

So, what have you kitties been up to?

Everything has its beauty
but not everyone sees it.

~ Confucius

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Prinnie again! @-->-------

Happy Sunday eve to every cat and peeple too. I hope all of you had a delightful week-end.
Friday turned out to be a dreadfully drab and rainy day... I felt drowsy and woozy all day and Caesar and I slept the entire day. Mom and dad and Blizzie were supposed to come home around 2pm but they did not return until 7pm!

Saturday, mommie felt so guilty about abandoning us, she asked daddie to take Blizzie back to kollig himself and mommie went out cat food hunting. She was so upset about the Iams recall and the Priority brand recall, that she is planning on returning all cans (even though none that we have are suspect) mostly because Caesar has been such a finicky eater lately. She purchased a whole lot of Fancy Feast: Chicken chunks (our favorite) and chicken and beef.
mmmmmyummm yummmm Well. Well (and furthermore, well!), what a delight. Caesar and I have been gobbling this food up like hungry tigers! We have been very happy with the new menu!

Here is a photo memory of the past week. We enjoyed a lot of jazzy music and happy tunes from Blizzie (she plays much, much much much better than mommie) and it was great to have my girl home. She even let me hang around in her bedroom for a while.

Purrs and snuggles!

Real strength

is not just a condition of one's muscle,
but a tenderness in one's spirit.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Prinnie's Thoughts for Thursday

Hello kitties everywhere.
I hope every cat is having a delightful day.... Caesar and I got a lot of napping done in plenty of our favorite sunny patches this morning. This area is one of our favorites, because it is in the room that goes with the kitchen and it is very nice to nap near the kitchen. I like to keep apprised of all the activity and preparations. My assistance is frequently required for cleaning dishes! A few days ago I had the most delightful chore of cleaning the dish that had the banana blueberry cake in it. I got it all clean.

Yesterday mom and Blizzie went shopping and bought us some chicken flavor Temptations. They were yummy. We have never had them before. ever. really!
We loved them!! Mom took some pictures of Caesar gobbling them, which is really wonderful because he is a terrible eater. Sometimes he does not finish his meatglop and mom has to hand feed it to him, other wise I go into my "assistance mode" and help him eat his food. I can't help it. That must be a girl thing.

Every one is so busy here. They have been going out, coming home, going out, coming home and yesterday when they went out, they came home late, they did not eat dinner here. I did not have any dishes to clean and I did not know that was the plan. The family can be so. frustrating!
Oh yeah, and Blizzie has been playing a lot of piano and working on "papers".

I heard my daddie saying they are leaving tomorrow morning to go visit a geddyzberg kollig... what ever that is... so they will not be home until the afternoon!
Gosh, if I have known this earlier, I could have planned a party!
<-Here is what I am talking about... visualizing. This is just a photograph of one I found on the innernet. Doesn't that look like frolicksome fun!?! I think we even have that game upstairs in the closet. Maybe we could plan one of these some day and somehow get mom to buy a lot of those Temptations too!! I better jump out of here now. I see mom is heading for the kitchen. Maybe she needs my guidance. So, what are your plans for Friday? Anything good on the picture box? (((hughugs))) and purrrrs ~ Prinnie
No matter how old you are,
there's always something good
to look forward to.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday's with gramma + grampa

Every Wednesday evening at exactly 8:00 pm we have video chat with my gramma and grampa that live in Annapolis Maryland. Well, last week.... mom was remembering it all day. She has a sign in the kitchen that says "Video-chat 8:00 sharpie" and she puts it out to remind her. My mom knows her parents (my gramma and grampa) love video-chat. They are 84 years old... that is like a bazillion-jillion in cat years!
Last Wednesday, Blizzie was playing the piano, daddie was sitting in his comfy chair in the library looking at pictures of cars on the computer, and mom was forgetting about the time. All of a sudden... aat like 10 minutes paaaast 8:00, Blizzie said "Hey aren't we supposed to have video-chat tonight?" and mom said "oh my gosh!" and started doing a lot of things very fast, and then next thing we were chatting with the grandparents.... better late than never, right?

I really like my gramma and pa. My gramma sometimes meowwws to me, and I like that.
Here is a screen shot of video-chat. Can you see me in the corner with my mom? My dad and Blizzie were on the screen too, but mom moved the camera so that they could see me and say hi.

They have a darker picture because they are using an older mac and it is not so powerful.

Tonight we have video-chat at 8:00 sharp. I hope mom does not forget.

This is all I have to report today.
=>Oh, if my mommie has not added you to our bloggierollie... be sure to let me know... and I will give her the what for... and make her add you spitspot!


Whatever you are
Be a good one

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hey, how about Tuxie Tuesday


Hello everybodee.
This is me with some pretty flowers my biggest sister got from her boyfriend. I really wanted to chomp on them, but she let me sit next to them for a minute.

Have a restful day.
headbutts and tail flicks

Spring is nature's way of saying
~Let's Party!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My turn.

Mom told Caesar (finally) not to blog today. It was my turn.
Well.... here's me.
Princess. mom calls me Prinnie, and Prin-rin.

I have not been up on top of the cabinets, like I am here, for a few months now. My back legs are bothering me and I just do not like taking chances. Once I tried to jump up onto a bar stool and I missed and fell! That was so upsetting, I have just stopped getting up on most things.
Mom made me some steps to get to my favorite places though.

Today is a sleepy Sunday, and it is a sunny Sunday too.
I spent most of this morning up in my room (that I am forced to share with my silly brother) in deep snooze. This is me with my favorite bloo blankie. Sometimes mom, for no reason at all, swipes my blankie away from me and puts it in the noisy shaking machine and makes it all wet (just awful) and then puts it in the heat machine for a really long time. On these days I walk all over the house and cry really loud until I get my blankie back.
I have my blankie here, sometimes I share it with my brother.
My other favorite thing to do is get in the shower room with mom... I do not get all the way in, but I stand at the edge and let the sprinkles get on me. Then when mom gets out, I carefully get in and lick the tub. Sometimes my mom fills a little cup with water and lets me drink while she is in the shower room. I love fresh water!

Downstairs in the eating room, if my water is not fresh enough I use my paw and dump my bowl. I love doing that! Mom got mad so she finally put my bowl in a tray!

The little girl, Blizzie, used to be my very very favorite, but now she goes away from home for a long time... so now I have been very close to mom and dad. A long time ago, I used to sit on Blizzie's lap while she played the piano. I loved that too. . . and while she did her homework.... *sigh*

Here is something bad I did.....once or, maybe a couple of times. I um.... when I was a kittengirl, I ... chewed off all of Caesar's whiskers, . . . . andthey, nevergrewback!! O_O

:::blush::: I didnot know that would happen!!! (if you click and biggify the picture in his blog beeelow of Caesar, you will see... not a stub)

I am going to end here because :::yawn::: I need a nap.
I think that all of you kitties in bloggieland are really pretty and special. I love reading your blogs and reminiscing the fun and games Caesar and I used to get into when we were kittens.
*blinks* and purrs~ Prinnie

Love is, above all else,
the gift of oneself.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Frooooootbat Frideeeeee


Hello and tail flicks from me again.
Prinnie really wanted to be in the Frootbat Friday but too bad. I barged in here, and put my picture up before her. If you click to biggify it gets really huge and you can see my tiny furs in my huge guybert ears

Prinnie is very mad at me now, and mom is still in too much of a daze to notice anything going on. Here's why:
1. She got her blades sharpened and skated yesterday... and all she talks about is "edges" and how wonderful her skating is and more skating skating, edges and skating...
2. the big girl came home from college to visit, and she and mom talk a lot. Prinnie could not get her attention to inform her that I am using the computer, haha. (4 years ago I made the big girl promise to take me to college with her, but she broke her promise so I never got to go to college)
3. the little girl is coming home from college today.
4. and then, more attention to her wonderful sharpened skate blades ad nauseum... so, I barfed on the stair landing last night just to warn her of her obsessive behavior

I hope you have a wonderful sunny Friday.
here it is raining... no sun! and I thought I heard the man on the tv say "snow"
Meeyowls and headbuts: Caesar

Dream what you want to dream;
Go where you want to go;
Be what you want to be,
Because you only have one life
. . . unless you are a kitty, then you get 9 . . .
And one chance to do all the things
you want to do.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A polite request from Caesar

Um, mom.....

Could you please move your stuff?

I would really like to lay around
in the sun... uh, um... right here.

much better.
Thanks mom <3
Hi everycat. I know, Prinnie wanted to start blogging, but
guess what?
Meowwwwww I beat her meeee-owwww
In one month, just about (April 15th) I am going to be 16 years old. (Prinnie too, she is my littermate)
Can you believe it?
Look at me. don't I look great?

I hope you have a great day.
Mom has been busy. we have been really making a mess of the place, but that big green ball is not mine.

Bye for now.
purrrrrs and headbutts, Caesar >^..^<

Here is a quote, as promised - deal made with mom... because she is a quote freak. Really... she is.
~Set lofty goals~
*achieve them*

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Evening

Such a busy week-end... and the Daylight savings time change (spring ahead) is a huge adjustment for me. I have a hard time getting up in the morning and I am still too peppy at night... I need to go to bed early tonight!

Friday, hubby and I went to my mom and dad and we had a great time all day and even stayed until dinnertime. Then we all went out to dinner to a Greek restaurant in downtown Annapolis. Hubby and I dropped my parents off at their house after dinner and came home at around 7:30. Caesar and Princess were very happy to see us home again. The house was dark but the classical music was playing on the radio.
Yesterday... we did a lot of chores and a few errands and we also went for a long walk in the neighborhood.
Today, we did not go to church... instead we went for a drive (drive church, we call it) and we looked around the area of Fairfax, McLean, and Falls Church areas very close to us, closer to the city. We drove around for about 3 hours (yes, we looked at houses and neighborhoods)!! then we came home and rested and had snacks and then I went to bell Choir. We play in church next Sunday...

tomorrow I am going to Cabin John rink to see my friends, oh yeah, and skate too.
My bruises are okay. The knee one is feeling much better and the elbow one is numb ! Both of them are only a little purple.

here are a lot of pictures of a fun day on Friday.
Lunch with mom and dad
yes, I had a half of one of those salty herrings and two pieces of bread with butter and chocolate.

That is just how you eat it.
Bread with chocolate is really really good.

a nice fuzzy picture of my dad and the cookies.
Mom is in the background

Last picture. My dad took this of us at the Greek place. This is before my dad and I got very very very very tipsy, redfaced, loud and downright silly.

I am going to end here.
I hope you had a beautiful week-end.
This is going to be a very busy week.
Be well, you are loved

Happiness is a grateful spirit,
an optimistic attitude,
and a heart full of love.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

A better day, sort of

I was hoping to wake up happy and peppy but oh well. I was hopeful, anyway.
I did force myself to go to the rink, even though I was feeling grumpy, tired and lazy. I skated okay. The new pattern is easy. I was showing something to Edwin and next thing, I klinked my blades and went straight down (footwork is annoying). This time I banged my elbow into the ice. I have never done that... my elbows just do not get in the way... but wow that hurt for a minute... then it was okay. Now I can not tell which bruise is bigger today, my knee (from Tuesday) or my elbow. I think the knee wins. Anyway, nothing serious, but I hardly every fall. Falling is good though. The more you fall the better you fall... or something like that. That sounds believable anyway. Yeah, you fall better...

I am still mad, but I will get over it. I go through this every 6 months. I take hubby with me because I do not pay attention.

This morning, I woke up early so I had lots of extra time before I had to leave for the rink. Yesterday was such a dreary gray day. We had snow all day... just fine snow and then in the afternoon it started to pile up... but we only got around three inches... Anyway, Caesar and Princess were not happy with the sunless day. Today it was great to see sunshine again and the kitties were very happy to lay around in the sun coming into the family room. I found some cosmic catnip (have to hide it in the cabinet in triple bag) and sprinkled some on Caesars favorite toy and rubbed some on his fur. Prinnie came downstairs later and hahahaha it was very funny to see those two. Even though they are getting old and they are kind of slow... they like catnip.
Here is a shot of catnip boy. When I came home this afternoon, both kitties were konked out on the couch.. didn't even open an eye when I stood over them... until I yelled "Hi kitties, what's new?"

Thank you for your understanding and caring thoughts. It is very comforting to know I have people I do not even know that well, care. I really really appreciate it. Most of the time I am very strong, but sometimes I am impossible.

Yes we had video-chat last night even though I was tired and grumpy.
My parents love video-chat every Wednesday night. These chats last a long time, sometimes waaaay over an hour. We have a good time.
That is me and hubby and Caesar in the corner, wow I do look tired!!

I have decided that I am going to drive out to see my parents tomorrow. They live an hour away, in Maryland.

I was all ready to put up a Frootbat Friday pic, but I can save it for next week...
I hope you have a lovely rest of the day and a
groovy Friday :-)
I love all of you. I love reading your bloggs.
Your kitties are adorable.
I love tiny tigers.

Most of the time,
the only way out
is through.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

tired and bummy

I do not know really why. Probably because this medical stuff makes me anxious.
The tests are "the same". I wish the doctor would say, "you are fine, you are dismissed of my care" but he doesn't, he didn't and he did say "You and I, we are connected forever" or something like that. Dr. Rajendra is a really nice doctor but he needs to clean his saltwater aquarium. Aren't they supposed to be really clean? There were as usual lots of cancer people in the waiting room. They always look brave and confident.
Anyway... the tests are the same. All of the cancer markers are good/okay, but there is something called immunoglobulin M that stays really really high. So... it has been two years since I had every part of my body x-rayed (except my hands, feet and head), so I have to get a ... oh yeah, a sonogram of my liver spleen and kidneys lymph nodes and whatever just have an sono- fest... and I have to get a chest x-ray and more blood tests (every six months) I am sorry to depress you with all of this news. For me it is better to unload. I know there are other people suffering that are far worse off than me... Sometimes I joke around and say "I'm a walking time bomb" Like isn't everyone, sort of, in a sense? Anyway... I am feeling tired and bummy now, but I am the sort that snaps out of it eventually. Right now I am still heart poundy...
I do not know when I will get the radiology tests done. Dr. Rajendra said no hurry, just before my September visit... so maybe I will wait until it is warmer out. I don't know. I do not want to think about it.

Prinnie has been asking if she can have a blog. (Caesar has no interest in sharing his certainly not profound thoughts with the "innernets") Prinnie cannot type. She has a very difficult time expressing her feelings but she is a smarty. Is there a good "typing for cats" tutorial around? I have not been able to find anything for her. At first I thought she was interested in my comfort and company because she missed Blizzie so, but now I realize she has just been hanging around me to learn about my MacBookPro. I should get some pics of her in photobooth some day. anyway... I will think about a blog for her, this might be a whim, so I will see if the interest persists.

We have a camera and we have video-chats every Wednesday evening with my parents. They are quite computer savvy. My hubby taught them quite a lot but my dad is very intelligent.
So, I usually take screen shots while we talk. I must try to get happy and peppy for the chat this evening.

I hope you had the very best day.
I think tomorrow will be a better day for me. I just know it.
I know I will go to the rink and practice the new pattern. I do wear kneepads (because I love my knees very much) but yesterday I fell right on my left knee and I guess the knee pad shifted (not so good huh?) during the lesson. It did kinda hurt but I went on as usual. When I woke up this morning I discovered an owwie bruise. Maybe I need tighter fitting knee pads....

<3 you are loved by me
Be well

Life is divided up
into the horrible
and the miserable.

~~Woody Allen

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I am going to uppie~date tomorrow. today... I skated (again) had a lesson with Nick (it was easy/hard), then went to Trader's Joe (that's what my dad calls it :-D) and bought a whole lot of carbs and goodies (the girls are coming home next week for springggg break [yippie]) played very bad piano for 90 minutes, did scales for 20 minutes, danced to jazzy music for .... 15 minutes... and now I am here on the couch in a sweaty tired heap.

tomorrow I have a doc appointment at 9:30. I have to go to a cancer doc because they found some cancer floating like flotsam in my blood, so I have to go and get my blood checked every 6 months. It is scary and even though I am a nurse (totally retired since dino-days).... I am in that wonderful safe place called de Nile. Hubby comes with me to my appointments so I do not have to pay attention to that awful stuff. I usually do sudoku's while they talk about treatments and drugs and icky stuff. So far... they cannot find anything to treat. Anyway... that is a big worry... so when I come home I will uppppp date and hopefully be feeling much more at ease, because right now, I feel like throwing things.

I just want to say... I love you. All of you make me so happy. You kitties and beans are just the most wonderful thing I have discovered and I am happy I did.
<3 <3 <3 Rosie-mary

>oh! if you would like me to put you on my bloggie roll... please tell me. Say, "put me on your blogggrollll"
*please send me some good vibes*
When you are through changing,
you are through.

~Bruce Barton

Monday, March 5, 2007

Busy busy Day

I just completed a zillionbillion slave duties around the domicile.
Now I am grabbin' my stuff and going to the rink.

have a happy Monday.
You are loved
<3~ Rosemary

Friday, March 2, 2007

Frootbat Friday

Caesar is always in my face, ... or on my lap, at my heels, on my chair, or inside my fleece jacket...
He knows he is loved.
"To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable,
because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you."
~C. S. Lewis

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Happy Thursday Eve

Yep, it is after dinner here.

I am tired, but not too tired. I skated three days this week and I am satisfied with that.
Tomorrow I will do all of the things I needed to do this whole week, haha

Now, the words for the post below. Rarely, will I allow Caesar or Princess to just come into the drier, but sometimes, after they have been sitting on top of it, while it was working and warm, I will open it and they are ready to climb in. That is why I made this sign.
One steadfast rule in this house is, if you open the drier and do not empty it, this magnetic sign must go on the door. It is held by an elastic string and the other end is attached to the wall.
Also, every one in our family knows to check the drier no matter what before closing.
We have never tumbled a kitty, how dreadful that would be.

Caesar and Prin are usually not interested in the drier on sunny days or on warm days... but on those dreary drab winter days, they are always looking for a warm place. I have experienced a few times when I have opened the drier to empty it, and Caesar has barged in. He will stay in, until the last towel is removed and he is standing there in the empty drier.

Below.... .... he just looked soooo happy in the drier.

Here is one of Prinnie's favorite places:
Under the couch in the living room.
There is a heat vent under there.

Caesar loves to sit over the refrigerator when the heat is blasting out of the vent up there,
but Princess cannot get up there anymore.

What we are
is God's gift to us.

What we become
is our gift to God.

~Eleanor Powell